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Welcome to Look Life Coaching 


My name is David and I am a Life Coach, Mentor and personal development professional. 

I am an RMT trained Life Coach and I completed my coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training under my teachers

Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha.

My certificate and training are governed by the International Coaching Federation.


Everything that is ever discussed between us, client and coach is always kept in the strictest and complete confidence. 

Here at Look life Coaching we aim to help you find your true inner self,

work together on your higher purpose and unlock the potential inside you. 

I can help with any other presenting issues that may be holding you back, blocking your progress or

leaving you feeling confused or lost on what to do next in life.  


 I truly believe anything is possible, nothing is impossible and with the right mindset, application and

the will to make change, there is nothing, together we cannot achieve. 


The meaning of life is to give life meaning. 


Let’s talk.  


So here’s a little bit about me and who I am. 


I grew up in a normal lower working-class family in a small town in Surrey. 

A pretty normal life with my Croatian mother and English father.

I have a younger brother and twin sisters a very close family and we always felt the love. 

Life always felt good especially when we visited my mums family in Yugoslavia,

those days always felt adventurous, exciting, free, sunny and fun. 


From as early as I can remember I have great memories yet I always felt that

I thought differently to everyone around me. Even though I would try to fit in, I guess we all try that at times,

I knew I looked at life from a slightly different angle and would often ask the question why? 

I know kids generally ask a lot of questions but I remember wanting to understand why people did the things they did

or said things that didn’t make sense to me. My mum told me I once came home from junior school

and said the teachers couldn’t really be that clever

as they keep repeating themselves and how could they really know what I was thinking when I did the things i did?  

This to me seemed like a strange thing for parents, teachers and whoever else was in charge to say to me

and it made me want to fit in even less, I actually then started to want to be as different as I could be. 


I grew into a young adult and started to live life going through the things we all go through

trying to find the right job, the right partner, my identity, purpose, meaning while dealing with

the life issues we all face and like everyone one of you reading this,

trying to find my place on this crazy beautiful spinning rock? 


I’ve done as much as anyone, I’ve truly loved, felt heartbreak, had success, lost friends to suicide,

 been divorced, took risks, played it safe, people close confided me their dark past,

business success and failure, bankruptcy, home owner, home loser,

and been hospitalised twice with serious life threatening issues.  


I have also never let my life hold me back and have been an artist, was a boxer,

raced bmx all over the country, flown a plane, built a music studio for friend then released 3 hip hop albums,

performed many videos with my idols and featured on radio shows.

I took up golf, won an order of merit, participated in the summer matchplay

and competed in Marrakesh and the Old Course in Scotland. 


There are a lot more stories to tell, but through it all I always had me in my corner

and I think that is the main reason it has lead me to this point in life and helped me become the Life Coach I am today. 


Hello, I am David, how are you today? 

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