Personal packages, one to one coaching and business group sessions. 


A session is an hour long and this is typically enough time for us

to make the session insightful, helpful and productive. 


It is recommended to book sessions in blocks. 

This is advised to allow me time to structure a programme with 

effective results leading to focused solutions. 

 Plus it also gives you a vested investment in your future and a 

commitment to working through the presenting problem. 

The session are bespoke to each clients individual needs. 


On average clients book between 6-10 sessions but single sessions have worked for certain issues. 

I am open to working with you and your budget including 

options for payment plans. 

I also do sessions for businesses who have a mental well-being programme

These are usually group sessions but can also be one to one.  


We start with a ‘discovery’ session. 

This is designed for you and I to introduce ourselves, get aquatinted, 

outline my coaching style and decide if we work together. 

The discovery session is free whether you decide to work with me or not. 


I send voice messages with any added notes that I feel 

may help you through the process and help keep the coaching constant.  


If at anytime you feel the coaching is not working for you or you feel uncomfortable,

we can cancel the booked appointments and I refund any remaining sessions.

One to one sessions £75 per hour. 

Group sessions POA depending on group numbers.