Nicki  (November 2020)


I have been a parent since I was 18 years of age 

and I had to grow up overnight, it has been the most incredibly 

rewarding experience but also 

exhausting and emotionally draining. 


My eldest son is now fifteen years old and 

we have a beautiful connection, 

one I’d never felt for anyone else 

but due to his father walking out of his life 

and his difficult teenage years setting in, 

I felt I was almost losing him. 


I do not often talk to many people if at all anyone as 

I have always found that very difficult…

but then I found David. 


I met David around 8 months ago and since we met 

he has enabled me to open myself up to someone 

who’s completely impartial to my world 

and yet I felt as if I’d known him all my life. 


Taking advice from someone as an adult is difficult 

for a lot of people, myself in particular, especially as

I had always seen it as criticism. 


But after talking with David he helped me open my mind to new 

ways of thinking and strategies that have helped

me understand my son better and in turn also 

help him realise his true value. 


David has enriched my life considerably and allowing him in

has been the most valuable investment for myself and my son. 


I urge anyone who is thinking of reaching out for a coach…

to just do it!