Khyati (February 2021)

I was looking for a life coach to build confidence and 

release blocked potential, having that feeling where you think you can do 

and achieve more but feel stuck. 


David was recommended to me by a friend and from our first session 

via video call, I instantly knew I wanted him to coach me. 

He made me feel relaxed, non judgemental and from the first session 

he was able to identify blockers (my own limiting beliefs) 

which I didn't even realise I had. 


I've had 3 sessions so far and David has used his 

extensive knowledge to help me tap onto my potential. 

I have grown in confidence in general but also having more faith in my abilities

when it comes to work and a product I have developed 

that I am in the process of launching with my best mate. 

He has helped me overcome negative beliefs,

 that my strengths are far greater than I think 

by helping me focus on what I have achieved 

rather than what I haven't accomplished yet. 


I will continue to work with David and I would highly recommend him 

to anyone seeking a life coach.