Paul (March 2021)


I needed help with relationship issues I was having with my ex 

and had heard about David through a guy at work.

I didn’t really know what a Life Coach was 

or how David could even possibly help me with my problem?  


 After speaking to David he explained what life coaching was, 

he explained how it worked and some of the psychology 

he used, but I didn’t see how it could help me 

as I felt the issue was with my ex not me?  

 It was only after a difficult week and some heavy messages 

from my ex, that I felt I had no choice but to speak to David 

and see if he could help me out? 


He listened to my side of the situation, 

I showed him some of the messages she had sent 

and asked I him what should I do?   

David asked a few basic questions about our relationship, 

the set up we had regarding our kids and whether I 

was serious about making things work between us. 


He then explained how my ex may be feeling 

and to try to see things from her point of view.  

He explained why she may be feeling the way she was

and why she was saying these things. 

He then explained a different way to approach the situation, 

to word things slightly differently and he said ask her to help me

find a better solution to the issue we had both created. 


At first it didn’t make sense what he was saying but

I didn’t feel it would make things any worse. 

I also felt much calmer after speaking to David 

and knowing he was there to listen somehow made it ok. 


The situation with my ex is much better,

I have even suggested my ex speak to David.

He seems to understand what we are both thinking? 


If you have a problem that seems difficult or awkward, 

David could help you out as he has helped me massively. 

I would definitely recommend him and what he does.