You may be asking the question what exactly is a life coach and how can having a life coach help me?  


A life coach is trained to use the psychology techniques and methods used by therapists

and counsellors, but in a totally different way.

We use elements of NLP, human needs psychology, choice therapy and other forms of life coaching practices 

mixed in with our complex life experience and our empathy

and compassion to want to help people find their true inner self

and unlock that unreleased potential inside us all for an amazing future. 


You may then ask how can you possibly know me better than I know myself,

no one knows me as well as I do so what can you do for me that I can’t do for myself?

The simple answer to this is you are absolutely right, no one knows you better than you know yourself

but do you always understand why you sometimes feel a certain way or

why you do the things you do that don’t always make you feel so good?  

Do you  sometimes talk yourself out of things, over think something simple and look back thinking why? 

Do you sometimes make a decision that wasn't necessarily in your best interest and then give yourself a hard time about it? 

Is there a relationship that you feel could be better or that you want to understand more about? 

You may even feel that you have a great life but something is missing or doesn’t quite feel like you thought it would?

Maybe on paper everything looks good but is this as good as it gets, is this really what I wanted from my life? 

Or maybe you’re just not feeling yourself, maybe you’re feeling a little bit anxious,

slightly down, a bit flat and want to do something about it? 


If some of these sounds like things that resonate with your life,

then a life coach is definitely someone who can help you

or at least set you on the path to a better understanding of who you really are

and who you really want to be. 

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